Spectrum Full Color LED Underwater Light


Product Overview

You’ll only need to drill four small holes in your hull or transom to install one of these surface-mount underwater lights.

Illuminate the water under and around your boat for nighttime fishing or a dramatic effect for dockside parties. The Spectrum Full Color LED Underwater Light  Lighting features Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that operate at a low temperature, use little energy, are vibration-resistant, long-lasting and operate on your boat’s DC voltage system. You’ll get more than 2,000 lumens with a dazzling Spectrum multi-mode output (different light intensities) that also includes cross fading (as one color fades out, the other color fades in). The marine-grade bronze alloy housing is designed for an underwater service life of more than 50 years and the circuitry is totally self-contained so all you need to do for mounting is drill three small holes for the mounting screws and a 1/2″ hole for the power cord.

Key Features

  • Spectrum full color (white, green, red and blue) multi-mode output
  • Cross fading between the colors
  • White light provides 2000+ lumens
  • Marine-grade bronze alloy housing resists corrosion
  • Includes mounting hardware