similar to chilled 140mm pin heatsink for led grow light

Pin heatsink for cod grow light 140mm

The Pin heatsink series of LED lighting modules is engineered to allow lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers

 to quickly incorporate Cree CXB3590 , Luminus CXM-22 Citizen CLU-048 , Bridgelux Vero 29 into their lighting designs.



Excellent thermal conductivity due to special aluminum pin fin heatsink feature improved Faster heat conduction due to their almost pure aluminum alloy (Al 99.5; 210-236 W/mK) and high material density from forging. Heat evenly dissipates in the base and the pin material for free convection.

Streamlined omnidirectional fin geometries, Suitable for free and forced convection, no direction bounded installation position, Flat semiconductor mounting surfaces, contour also as milled parts according to your demands