Open 24 Hours Neon Sign


Getting your money worth by keeping your business open around the clock will depend on your ability to get your customers to take advantage of your long hours. One of our neon open signs is the ideal way to get noticed and draw a higher volume of customers into your establishment. A neon open sign can include details about your business that will not only get noticed when they are seen, but which will form a lasting memory for many who may need your services at a later time.

Neon light signs are known for their vivid colors and attention-getting glow. It is almost impossible not to see the message that they display. For a small investment, you will have the potential to bring in many customers when the need for your services arises. A neon light sign is much more attention-getting than a regular one that is most likely to be passed by. Instead of the customer having to look for the services that they need, they’ll find that the information they seek is standing out and begging to be noticed!

Some types of businesses are likely to be needed at unusual times. Bail bonds are one of the types of services that can be sought any time of day or night. For those who are looking to get an advance on their income tax refund, a 24-hour rapid tax refund service can be an important find. Restaurants that have a drive-thru service may operate 24 hours, even after the dining area has closed. Let your customers know from a distance that you are there to provide them with service any time they want it!

We have a variety of neon open signs so that you can choose the right design for your specific needs. We can also make custom signs to advertise your hours of operation and your services. Whatever the need, our neon light signs will make sure you get your message across!