Million Color Wireless SMD LED Truck Underbody Lighting Kit


CINOLED’s Million Color Wireless SMD LED Truck Underbody Lighting Kit will transform the look of your vehicle with multi-color truck underglow lights that are fully customizable. Featuring (6) SMD LED tubes, 18 solid colors and a wide range of unique lighting effects, this LED underglow kit will illuminate your extended truck wheelbase and enhance your driving experience.

About this Truck Underglow Kit
LEDGlow’s Million Color Wireless SMD LED Truck Underbody Lighting Kit adds vibrant and spotless illumination to the underside of any truck with 474 ultra-bright wide-angle 3528 SMD LEDs. These under truck LED lights include (2) 46”, (2) 36” and (2) 24” high-impact water-resistant acrylic tubes which display a variety of solid color options combined with multiple lighting effects for a completely custom lighting experience. Each truck underglow tube features a flat mount design with clear, 15 degree angled mounting brackets that allow for a wider color spill, while taking up less space underneath the truck versus a round tube design. The featured clear mounting brackets are the first of their kind as they allow light to shine through them, creating a consistent glow that doesn’t have any breaks or interruptions. Screws and zip ties are provided for the install, and each tube comes with extended wire lengths so you’ll have no trouble running them to the included Underbody Junction Cable which is mounted in the engine bay. The 46” tubes come with 13’ of power wire; the front 36” tube comes with 13’ of power wire; the rear 36” tube features 18’ of power wire; and the 24” tubes come with 13’ of power wire. Once each tube is in place and power connections have been made your under truck LED lights will be ready for use with all features available via the kit’s control box and wireless remote.

LED Underglow Kit Control Box
The control box that comes with these truck LED underglow kits features 18 solid color modes, 12 flash patterns, 5 sound activated modes, 5 speed levels and 1 color cycle mode that loops through each featured solid color. The 18 solid colors of these under truck led lights are blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white, teal, light green, light blue, violet, lime green, medium blue, pale green, baby blue, fuchsia and lavender. You will also experience LEDGlow’s Million Color feature which creates a nearly unlimited amount of variations in the shading of each individual solid color. The included music sensor plugs into the side of the control box and allows these truck undercarriage lights to flash to the beat of the music playing inside the truck. A memory recall feature will remember the last color and pattern settings prior to the truck being powered off. All of the solid color modes and lighting functions available with these truck LED underglow kits are easily operated by using the included 4 button wireless remote or by using the buttons located directly on the control box.

Add-On Accessories
Maximize the effect of these truck LED underglow kits with optional add-ons that will expand your kit for a fully rounded out and comprehensive lighting experience. You can either increase the amount of SMD LED lighting tubes now or expand the size of your kit at a later time. Choose from interior lights, grille lights, wheel well lights, wheel ring lights, and engine bay lights. Add one or all four by connecting to the LED underglow kit control box, where they will completely synchronize with the color settings and lighting patterns active on your truck undercarriage lights. The install process is just as easy as your truck underglow lights since all required mounting hardware is included. Experience a fully rounded out and complete lighting experience when your entire truck is fully outfitted with a powerful SMD LED glow.

LEDGlow Guarantee
LEDGlow stands by every one of its products with a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Million Color SMD Truck Underbody Lighting Kit Includes:
  • (2) 46” Tubes with 13’ of Power Wire
  • (1) Front 36” Tube with 13’ of Power Wire
  • (1) Rear 36” Tube with 18’ of Power Wire
  • (2) 24” Tubes with 13’ of Power Wire
  • High Impact, Water Resistant Acrylic Underglow Tubes
  • Total of 474 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle 3528 SMD LEDs
  • Easy to Use Control Box
  • 4 Button Wireless Remote
  • Underbody Junction Cable
  • Music Sensor
  • Clear, 15 Degree Angled Mounting Brackets
  • Screws
  • Zip Ties
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty