4pc Blue Flexible LED Wheel Well Lighting Add-On Kit


CINOLED’s 4pc Blue Flexible LED Wheel Well Lighting Add-On Kit allows you to add (4) 24″ wheel well tubes to your already-installed Wireless Blue Underbody Kit to simultaneously power and control the kit’s functions from the underbody control box.

Two Kits, One Control Box

CINOLED’s 4pc Blue Flexible LED Wheel Well Lighting Add-On Kit brings the ultra-bright SMD LED lighting of your underbody lighting kit to the wheel wells of your ride! This kit features (4) 24” flexible wheel well tubes and a junction box that easily connects to the control box of your underglow kit, powering both kits from one unit. Also included is mounting hardware such as self-tapping screws and zip-ties.

Installation Features

The flexible wheel well tubes can be mounted either above the wheel, facing down on the tires or behind the strut. Each wheel well tube features 21 SMD LEDs and 9’ of wire to run the tubes to the wheel well tube junction cable. Simply install the power and ground wires from each wheel well tube to the appropriate front or rear ports on the junction box, plug the underbody kit’s junction cable into the “underbody” port, and then the box with both wheel well tubes and underbody junction cables into the underbody control box.


This add-on wheel well lighting kit is compatible with LEDGlow’s Single Color SMD LED Wireless Car (LU-UB-XW40.3) and Truck Underbody Lighting Kits (LU-UB-XW60.3).

CINOLED’s Customer Guarantee

CINOLED includes installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one-year limited warranty with each purchase.


Blue Wheel Well Lighting Add-On Kit Includes:

  • (4) 24″ Flexible Wheel Well Tubes
  • Add-On Junction Box
  • 21 SMD LEDs per Tube
  • 9′ of Wire per Tube
  • 20 Zip Ties
  • 30 Mounting Screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One-Year Limited Warranty