480W hlg 550 grow light led

  • HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Equipped with LM301B Diodes 
  • SUNLIKE FULL SPECTRUM: White and Red (660nm,3500K full spectrum), infinite close to natural light
  • NO FAN ZERO NOISE: Designed for home growers, use aluminum make it cooling down instead use fans
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Consuming only 110W true output, but has same output as fake 1000W Blurple led growing lights.


480W Dimmable hlg 550 grow light led indoor Horticulture 3000K for flowering and 4000K for Veg.

Product description

The 480W led grow light with sunlike full spectrum LM301B/H LEDs and UL Listed Driver best for All Kinds of Indoor Plants.
It includes universal Blue Red and white light provide everything plant desire in the natural sunlight, make your plants healthier and happier.

Product information

Acutall Power 480 Watts
Voltage Range 48V
LED Samsung lm301H + epistar
Flowering Footprint 4.5’X4.5’or 5’x5′
Veg Footprint 6’X6′