Enhanced quantum boards LED Grow Light for Your Greenhouse or Indoor Garden. Choose Spectrum from Enhanced Flowering and General Use to Vegetative Phase or Primary Veg Light with QB288 quantum led lights. These unique and eye-catching grow light kit offer features such as lower energy cost, less heat and more output. Equivalent to a higher Watt HPS and ended Watt HID!

QB288 Quantum Board kit FEATURES

CINOLED’s high efficency QB288 LED boards feature LED technology which produces a powerful illumination by utilizing Midlle powered SMD LEDs. Our growers lights and horticulture lighting are offered in QB288 or QB272 options with Samsung LM301B LED,LM301H,CREE xpe2, LG UV led or Osram deep red diodes. These generation quantum board grow light kits include an on-off switch to control UV and IR! The included switch  with each quantum board kits can help growers to control UV and IR separately.


There are smaller variations which differentiate each QB288 quantum boards led kit from the next. The main difference involves LED source type and Brand. With 5 led source type kits, you have the choice between 5 options. While in comparison, QB288 kits enhance flowering while still being a great all-around light from seed to harvest..

The difference between QB288 quantum led boards and QB272 involves design.

Another notable difference between kits is the choice of a remote control, QB288 best quantum board kit without having to physically interact with the controller.

Finally, the coverage area flexibility, in which you can add additional QB288 board quantums to your existing kit. For example,You also have the option of buying single board quantum DIY kits and forming them any other way your grow space requires. That’s the benefit of DIY quantum board kits.

WHY CHOOSE horticulture lighting QB288 quantum boards FROM CINOLED?

QB288 quantum boards from CINOLED are among many of the most unique led grow lights for indoor plants and Commercial Indoor Grows. When you purchase one of our products, you’ll experience the quality and innovation that go hand-in-hand with these quantum board lighting. Choose from the finest set of horticulture led for plants and quantum led grow lights and get started today! And when you’re searching for the best led gardening lights for your grow tents, look no further than CINOLED.


Each of CINOLED qb288 quantum board Light Kits include all necessary installation accessories, free lifetime technical support, and a one year limited warranty with purchase.