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Quantum Board

Quantum Board

CINOLED Quantum Board full spectrum create an perfect Light for indoor plants , vegetables or flowers with either a Red Diodes or blue light. You can use these growers lights for hydroponics, indoor gardening, greenhouse, grow tent, or grow box. Plus, with our expandability option, you can increase the number of modules in your quantum board led kit your DIY LED grow light project.


Quantum Board kits from CINOLED are among many of the most unique and pioneering horticulture led grow light for plants and flowers available in the industry today. When you purchase one of our products, you’ll experience the quality and innovation that go hand-in-hand with these Quantum Board grow light. Choose from the finest set of quantum board kits for plants and flowers growing and get started today! And when you’re searching for the best LED grow lights for your plants, look no further than CINOLED.


Choosing whether to go with one of CINOLED’s QB288 or HLG LED quantum board led kits is a simple matter of preference. Both quantum board kits will bring a broad-spectrum light for optimal growth to your plants or flowers. QB288 quantum board are ideal when you want to control IR and UV independently, such as an CINOLED 3000K/3500K, , 395NM UV, 730NM IR or other Quantum board kits. This one UV IR controlled will radiate brilliantly through your entire kit. However, for someone who can’t quite decide on a spectrum and are looking for variety in their LED quantum board, the HLG is the way to go. These quantum led grow lights provide you with a nearly unlimited full spectrum so that it can adjust the light delivery for plants and flowers needed. So when you’re looking for the best quantum board, you can’t go wrong with either of CINOLED’s grow lighting solution. Both will help you to get more flowers and better flower quality.


For years, plants and flowers grow light were the standard. In fact, HID lighting was the leading light source for decades in several industries. But in more recent times, when it comes to grow light kits LEDs are boasted as clearly being the best choice for many installations, including indoor plants and starting seeds growing lighting kits. However, some people simply like HID better, and that certainly can’t be argued with either. Regular HID lights produce a lot of heat and generate a lot of red lights, meaning this dries out the plant and the soil and results in the need to water the plant more often. LEDs generate no infrared light and don’t emit nearly as much heat, so there is no need for abundant watering. CINOLED’s plants and flowers quantum board led kits demonstrate the clear distinction in these brightness levels. In terms of powering, LEDs also operate off a lower voltage in comparison to HID, which requires a much higher draw on a power supply. Ultimately, while plants and flowers grow HID light kits were and still are an excellent accessory for your plants, LEDs have been rated as being more efficient than the HPS,MH,CFL light bulbs. See the difference for yourself with one of CINOLED’s plants and flowers growing lighting quantum board kit.


Quantum board include an expandability option which allows you to add up to 8 additional monster board to your existing kit. These additional monster board are connected by using outdoor grade modular connectors which feature simple Plug n Play connectivity, allowing you to daisy chain each monster board to the next.

Featured Expandable Quantum board Kits include  252PCS QB288 quantum board grow light LED Samsung LM301H, 12PCS hlg quantum board kit CREE 660NM+4PCS LG 395NM+4PCS CREE 730NM  quantum board grow light,  and several quantum board grow lights including UV and IR controling. Non-expandable kits include  quantum board led Samsung LM301B 288PCS.


QB288 quantum board kits include a variety of unique lighting effects for for veg and bloom. Several kits also include a Waterproof Connector and dimmer switch.

HLG quantum board kit have IR independently controlled and UV is independently controlled.


Each of CINOLED’s quantum board kits include all necessary installation accessories, free lifetime technical support, a one year limited warranty 1 year warranty for board, and 5 years warranty for Driver .

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