Underwater Lights for Boating at Night

Our selection of underwater lights will step up your night time fishing adventures or enhance the ambiance of your boat. We offer lights in solid blue, green, red or white. Multi-color lights adjust to any mood and can be programmed to cycle through colors for a personal light show on the water. Add an external light controller for complete control over your lights including dimming functions on compatible lights. Bezel choices include stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and plastic and surface mount options are easy to install on your boat.

Attract More Bait, Catch More Fish

Avoid the frustration of a fruitless night on the water with underwater lights. Underwater lights attract plankton and insects, which attracts bait fish that you can use to catch the big fish you are really after. Bring the fish to you and make your night fishing adventures more successful!

Light Up Your Night Cruise

Underwater lights are a great way to enhance the ambiance of your boat. Mount them under your swim step to improve safety when stepping on or off your boat. Installations like these are a great way to light up the area around your boat for evening events onboard. Available in a variety of colors, our selection of lights will add style to your boat and make your night cruise the envy of other boaters.


If you have questions about underwater lights, read our West Advisor article on Selecting Underwater Lights or stop by your local West Marine store and ask one of our associates.