CINOLED offers the best grow tents and grow tent kits with the most variety. Choose from led grow lights, growing equipment, grow tent carbon filter and much more. We offer grow tent 4 x 4, LED Grow Tent Kits, grow tent fan, grow tent hydroponics and grow tent with carbon filter that can be customized to fit your needs. 

Right Grow Tents For Both Professional And Beginning Growers

Choosing the right grow tent can realize your garden’s potential. That’s why we CINOLED carry the highest quality reflective grow tents and grow tent kits. Grow tents are easy to put together, simple to organize, and they give you the ability to control your garden’s environment better than open-air grow rooms.

How To Choose The Best Grow Tent?

A high quality grow tent gives you control over the internal temperatures and humidity levels within your garden.The best grow tent is one that uses high quality zippers, canvas and mylar materials.Cheap grow tents may look the same but are usually made of far inferior parts and are sometimes even toxic.

The Advantage Of Grow Tent Kits & Packages

After you set up our grow tents they will protect your plants from harmful factors outside of your garden, such as pests and harsh external temperatures. Unlike others, CINOLED carries tents that have highly reflective interiors assembled on to tough Oxford cloth so that there are no light leaks or tears possible. That means you keep the light in and keep pests out.

How To Make Your Custom Grow Tent Kit

  • Choose your size and brand of grow tent.
  • Taking into consideration the size of the tent, the type of plants you will be growing and what cycle each tent will be used for. (ex. veg, flowering or both)
  • Choose the size and number of LED grow lights you will need to light each grow tent.
  • If you have any other question,we are happy to help you put together the perfect grow tent system.