Illuminate any space with Custom Neon™ lights for rooms, neon wall art, novelty lighting, and lighted signs. Check out our wide range of neon LED lamps, home decor, and neon art. Custom Neon™ LED signs, wall art, neon lamps, and night lights are ideal for bedroom decorations, home improvement and to brighten up any living space.

Neon Lights Within A Bedroom

The place where you rest and sleep should have a special lighting that wakes up in you the feelings of serenity, but at the same time still feels unique and dynamic. The last thing you want is to be bored by your bedroom decor. Neon lights are a creative way of making your bedroom look innovative and mystic, when all the other lights are off and the neon lights are illuminating the dimmed room!

A perfect way to uniquely decorate a bedroom for two children is with neon lights that seem as an extension of the headboard, just like you see at Casinha Colorida.

Children will love the neon lights because of their brightness and therefore the magical ability to keep the monsters away! Pick out a funky motive, like this Pac-Man neon light by Electric Confetti and see how your child feels about his newly illuminated room!

Kitchen and Dining Space Illuminated by Neon

Visible, vibrant neon signs give off the feeling of a classic bar and you can bring some of that devilish vibe right into your kitchen or dining room. Don’t settle for plain dining corners and bland kitchens – dare to highlight your home’s best features by lighting them up in neon lights and eating in the glow of their colorful light.

Spice up your dining place with a bright and sassy neon sign – preferably one that will always make you crave your favorite food! We love how the pink neon lights go with the gentle rosy table! Picture found at Photobucket.

Neon Workspace Inspiration

Our workspace should be an inspiring and creative place where we come in touch with our game-changing ideas every single day! Make sure that your ideas never run dry by decorating the space where you spend most of your day with bright and energetic neon lights!

Purposed Little Corners With Neon Signs

Let Urban Outfitters show you how neon lights can make the best of the dedicated little corners in our living space, for example a retro music spot or a little space for all of your family’s old photographs. Allow the warm neon lighting to wake up the nostalgia!

Living Rooms and Neon Lights Perfection

A living room is a place of socializing, relaxing, spending time with your family, laughing and simply, as the name suggests, living. If you want to make your living room feel exhilarating and alive, don’t hold back on the neon lights – especially if they come in a form of a witty or personal sign, displaying words of wit and wisdom!