Enhance the look of any motorcycle with CINOLED’s Motorcycle LED Light Kits. These amazing LED kits can be installed along several different areas on your bike. Enjoy a choice of either single color or multi color options to compliment your bike’s features with a radiant and eye catching ultra-bright glow. Your bike will take on a completely new look and is sure to catch the eye of fellow motorcycle fans. Plus these kits will provide additional visibility when you’re on the road at night.


Look no further than CINOLED when it comes to high quality SMD LED lights for your motorcycle. An underglow lighting kit is built to highlight the underside of a motorcycle, simultaneously brightening the ground below your bike as well. By positioning your kit along the frame beneath the engine, it will resonate with a bright LED glow that will also illuminate the ground beneath. Your motorcycle and your surroundings will be magnified by the powerful ultra-bright LEDs that come with the Advanced Million Color, Advanced Single Color, and other lighting kits that are available. These LED light strip kits for motorcycles are ideal for your Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda and many other models.


CINOLED’s Advanced Million Color SMD Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control is the next generation of motorcycle LED lighting by offering total LED control directly from the palm of your hand. This motorcycle LED lighting kit features ultra-bright surface mounted RGB LED technology which produces extremely bright colors for a custom style plus added visibility when riding at night.

The included Bluetooth control box is the most powerful on the market by allowing users to install up to 1,000 SMD LEDs for maximum brightness regardless of the size of the motorcycle. Download and install the LEDGlow Mobile Control App to customize the look and style of any motorcycle with a few swipes of an iOS or Android device.

The CINOLED Motorcycle Control App allows full control of the featured colors and lighting patterns directly from a smartphone. Select virtually any solid color via the integrated color wheel and choose from 15 unique lighting patterns from the mode dropdown menu. Save up to 5 favorite customized colors and patterns for quick and easy recall using the in-app presets. With a few swipes of the sliders, adjust the brightness levels and speed intensity of the lighting patterns.


The Advanced Kit is available in both Million Color and Single Color options. Single color allows you to select from your choice of either Blue, Ice Blue, Red, Green, Pink, White, Orange, Purple or Yellow. LEDGlow’s Million Color feature provides you with a nearly-unlimited range of color combinations so that you can select your own customized color for your bike. These SMD LED light strip kits for motorcycles feature kit sizes that include anywhere from 6-pieces through 18-pieces, and are available in lengths of 5”, 9” and 11” so that you’ll have several placement options in order to achieve that desired, customized look and feel for your bike. The strip size for the Advanced Kit also boasts a slim 1/8th inch strip depth and the ability to fit any designated mounting area. Another highlight of the Advanced Kit is the fact that it also includes a waterproof control box that is portable enough so that it can easily be hidden. The Advanced Kit’s control box features a Solid Color Mode with 4 Brightness Levels, 3 Strobing Modes and 1 Fading Mode, all of which can easily be cycled through using the included 4-button wireless remote. Each flexible LED strip includes 4’ of power wire and adhesive tape for maximum mounting capabilities.


With CINOLED, the process of installing your LED accent lights to your motorcycle has never been easier. Complete step-by-step instructions for underglow lights and other kits are provided through the website in the form of an easy-to-follow PDF which completely outlines everything you need for the install. And for those who enjoy a video tutorial as well, CINOLED has many instructional videos that actually demonstrate the installation process. Plus, if you ever need to speak to someone directly, CINOLED’s customer support team is available to discuss any questions you might have. So whether you have questions about connecting your multi-color kit to your turn signals, fenders, brake lights or another part of your bike, or if you’re seeking general service and support, CINOLED will help guide you through the process. And when it comes to the highest professional standards in customer service and the highest quality in flexible, LED accent light kits for your motorcycle, CINOLED delivers.


Each CINOLED Motorcycle LED Light Kit includes a one-year limited warranty as well as free lifetime technical support.

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