When it comes to CINOLED’s LED Lighting Kits for Wheel Wells, you have two incredible options to choose from with either an LED Wheel Well Light Kit or LED Wheel Ring Light Kit! Wheel Well Light Kits include flexible lighting tubes for cars and trucks that fit along the wheel well or fender of any vehicle. Wheel Ring Light Kits can be installed directly to the dust shield or hub assembly. Single color and multi-color kits are available, and expandability options include adding your LED wheel well lights to existing car and truck CINOLED Underbody Lighting Kits.


Wheel Well LED Lights utilize ultra-bright SMD LEDs that are housed in thin, flexible tubes allowing each tube to easily contour to your preferred mounting location above the tire to the fender well or behind the strut for a seamless installation.

CINOLED’s Million Color Wheel Rings install directly to the dust shield or hub assembly and allow the LED lights to shine through your wheel. The installation process for Wheel Ring lighting is more detailed and we do recommend the use of a professional shop. 3 different options are available to match wheels with diameters ranging from 14” to 15-½” so you will have your ideal wheel well ring lights kit.

The included control box is the same for both kits, featuring 18 solid color modes, 5 scanning modes, 5 flashing modes and 5 chasing modes, as well as a color cycle mode and a million color fade mode that allows for unlimited customization. With 5 built-in sound activation modes, your wheels can glow in unison with music as the LEDs react to the sound. All of the incredible lighting effects can easily be selected and cycled through using the control box or the included 4 button wireless remote.


Both Wheel Well Light Kits and Wheel Ring Light Kits can be seamlessly integrated with an already installed Smartphone Controlled Million Color or Million Color Wireless Underbody Lighting Kit, expanding the multi-color aftermarket underglow lighting to the wheels of any car or truck. Additionally, when connected to an underbody kit, LED Wheel Light Kits and Ring Light Kits can also be operated through the underbody kit controller to mimic the same color modes, flashing modes and other features of the underbody kit.


LED Wheel Ring Lights from LEDGlow are among many of the finest and most unique aftermarket LED accent light kits for cars available in the industry today. When you purchase one of our products, you’ll experience the quality and innovation that go hand-in-hand with these flexible neon wheel well lights. Choose from the finest set of LED light kits for cars interior and get started today! And when you’re searching for the best LED lights for your car, look no further than CINOLED.


The power source is the same for either your CINOLED Wheel Well Lights or Wheel Ring Lights. When it comes to the power source for these rim light kits, it is a matter of applying the power and ground wires of your kit’s control box directly to the vehicle’s battery, with the wheel well LED tubes or ring light tubes connected to the control box. Power your inner fender well LED lights kit by pressing the power button on the wireless remote.


The process varies depending on whether you’re installing an CINOLED Wheel Well Light Kit or CINOLED Wheel Well Rings to your car or truck. We provide informative step-by-step installation guides as well as all required parts included for the installation process. And while we feel that installing LED fender well lights is a process you can handle directly, we do recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional when installing your LED Wheel Rings.

When installing car or truck Wheel Well Lights, it may be necessary to remove the wheels. You install your kit by mounting it in the wheel well area using the supplied screws and zip ties. Make sure that the kit and any wiring are clear of the tires and any moving suspension parts. The Wheel Well Light Kit will illuminate the top of the tire or the back side of the wheel and tire.

For LED illuminated Wheel Rings, your first step is to remove the wheels and brakes from the vehicle. Bolt, screw or rivet the supplied brackets to the dust shield, once again ensuring there is clearance from any moving parts. Your next step will be reinstalling the brakes and wheels, and the Wheel Ring Lights will illuminate the inside of the wheel from around the brake system. Although additional steps are required for this installation process, you’ll appreciate the payoff when you experience the incredibly powerful glow that our Wheel Rings emit!


Multi-Color options include the Million Color Flexible Wheel Well Lights and the Advanced 3 Million Wheel Well Lights Add-On kit that can only be powered in combination with the Advanced 3 Million Underbody Lighting Kit. The Million Color Flexible Wheel Well Lighting Kit features 18 solid color modes with 4 brightness levels, 5 scan modes, 5 flash modes, 5 chase modes, 1 color cycle mode, 1 million color fade mode, and 5 sound activation modes that can all be easily selected using the included wireless remote. Single Color Wheel Well Lighting Kits are available in blue, red, green, pink, white, orange, purple, and yellow. Single Color Wheel Well Kits feature 3 fade modes, 3 strobing modes, and 1 sound activation mode that can be selected using the easy-to-use control box. Each CINOLED Wheel Well LED Lighting Kit includes all necessary installation instructions and accessories, as well as free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with every purchase.


Each CINOLED LED Wheel Light Kit for cars and trucks includes a one-year limited warranty as well as free lifetime technical support.