Your golf cart isn’t just for golf anymore, thanks to CINOLED’s Golf Cart Light Kits! Customize yours with these powerful LEDs which can be added to your cart’s underbody, interior, or canopy. With single and multi-color options, as night falls you’ll be ready to take a cruise around the course, your country club or anywhere, looking great doing it with these fun and multi-purpose lighting kits.


With CINOLED’s Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit, you not only have the ability to operate a unique and dazzling base kit, but you can also take advantage of the expandability option by adding your choice of an Interior Lighting, Wheel Well Lighting, or Interior/Canopy Lighting add-on kits. The included 12-port junction box enables you to activate these additional kits through easy Plug n Play connectivity.

The Expandable Million Color Kit’s Control Box Modes include Solid Illumination with 9 unique colors, 3 Strobe Modes, a Color Cycle, 3 Fade Modes, 2 Flashing Modes, Color Fade & Gradient Mode, a Demo Mode, 4 Sound-Activated Modes and an S.O.S. Flashing Mode and more. Additional options include 5 Speed Settings to fine-tune each pattern to your preferred speed level. In comparison, the previous version of the kit did not include several of the features of the new kit, such as the S.O.S. Flashing Mode, 3 Fade Modes and 3 Strobe Modes. Users can select the featured solid colors or lighting modes by using either of the two included wireless remotes or 4 buttons located directly on the control box.


Golf Cart LED Lights from CINOLED are among many of the highest quality and most unique aftermarket LED accent light kits for golf carts available in the industry today. They’ll look great on your EZ Go, Yamaha, Club Car, and other golf carts. When you purchase one of our products, you’ll experience the quality and innovation that go hand-in-hand with these flexible golf cart LED lights. Choose from the finest set of golf cart LEDs and get started today! And when you’re searching for the best LED lights for your cart, look no further than LEDGlow. Expandability options give the ability to add on additional kits, such as combining underbody custom golf cart lights with a Canopy Lighting or Wheel Well Lighting Kit, or both.


The process is quick and easy when it comes to installing CINOLED ultra-bright SMD LED accent lighting to your cart. And powering your kits is just as effortless. Light Kits for Gas Golf Cart engines receive their power from a 12-Volt battery source. The instructions included with your kit will detail step-by-step the process of making a few simple wire connections from your kit to the main positive terminal of your 12-Volt battery source, as well as to a solid ground source, grounding block, or directly to the negative terminal of a battery.

Electric Golf Carts are powered in the same manner by any battery source as well. However, Electric Golf Carts always include additional batteries and their voltage will often exceed the 12-Volt threshold. The most commonly used battery sizes for Electric Golf Carts are 36-Volt and 48-Volt batteries, with 24-Volt batteries used as well. By using CINOLED’s Golf Cart Voltage Reducer, however, you can safely install and power any 12v LED lighting accessory to your electric cart with ease. This voltage step down converter can be installed to any 15v to 60v battery with the included input and output power wires that will be installed directly to the battery (input wires) and the LED light kit (output wires). It is imperative that this golf cart voltage reducer is installed to a flat, metal surface as the converter may reach high temperatures and should not be mounted to any plastic material. This voltage step down converter will safely power any CINOLED lighting kit as well as any accessory up to 5amps.


Each CINOLED Golf Cart Light Kit for golf carts includes a one-year limited warranty as well as free lifetime technical support.

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